College code: DC-170

Department of Pre-University Education, Govt. of Karnataka    



The word accounting comes from the word accountability. The Department of accountancy guides the students to be accountable for their valuable time and their parent’s money.

Business Studies

If you wait until motivation by someone else in your life you will be too late. The Department of Business study focuses on the overall development of students by case studies and practical approach towards the present scenario.


If at first attempt you don’t succeed, try two more times so that your failure is statistically significant. Department of Statistics teaches the students to forecasting the future with best hopes.

Computer Science

Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think. The department of computer science teaches the students to code and encode the programmers by logically and analytically.


Economics is the study of how society manages its scare resource. The Department of economics teaches the students to make optimum utilization of resources available and to be successful with no excuses.

Commerce Subject

Regular Subject
Common Subject
Hindi (optional)
Kannada (optional)
Economics (optional)
Computer Science (optional)